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Dixon Patrick: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

First Time in Dirt
Man my Tires Stick
Third 4X4: Stock FJ 2007
Glow of the Sun in her hair
I am in Jail
Big Foot, in Moab
Smile with Us, Moab
Second 4X4: 2006 Stock
Zelda Tank Trap
Zelda Tank Trap
Gold Spike, Moab
Golden Crack, I think I can, MOAB
Gold Crack, Why am I
Gold Crack, No Problem
Clean Jeep in Snow?
Too cold to get out
Manifold Meal, 27July14
Where is my HotDog?
First 4X4: 1997TJ
Cool Dog, greatfull it is not mine

Drive Train

  • Stock not much to do on Toyota
  • Factory Rear Locker
  • BFG AT/KO, 285/70/17 Tires


Body and Suspension

  • ToyTec 3" Lift

Extra Equipment

  • Shrockworks: Skid Pans (Set of 4)
  • Shrockworks: Front Bumper (Comming Soon)

Interior Modifications

  • Member July 2009  (Member 2001 - 2005)